Hi my name is Shelly
I am a qualified remedial massage therapist.
I love being able to help people relax and also to relieve some of the muscle tension people may experience through everyday activities and through sport.
I believe that massage can be beneficial not only to your body but for your mind as well.



Using a variety of techniques, such as Trigger point, myofascial and soft tissue release, this massage treats a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal issues. Excellent for shoulder and neck pain, lower back pain, Sciatic symptoms, headaches, knee pain, poor flexibility, injuries, everyday muscle fatigue and lifestyle stress.

Remedial Pricing   
30min $45
60min $75
90min $110

First time clients includes a 10 minute consultation 


This Calming and Soothing massage treatment helps release toxins from the muscles, shortens recovery time from muscular strain, increases circulation and soothes the nervous system. It will help to reduces stress, both emotionally and physically.

Relaxation Pricing                              
30min $45
60min $75
90min $110

Indian Head Massage

This ancient Indian massage is a deeply relaxing massage focusing on your head, face, neck and shoulders. This massage will energise your mind and allow stress and tension to melt away.

Indian Head Massage Pricing              
30min $55

Hot stone massage

Unwind with the warmth of the smooth heated stones that will ease muscle tension and
promote a deeper muscle relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage Pricing                              
30min $55
60min $85
90min $105


24 hour notice for cancellation or 30% surcharge may apply.
Accept cash and visa 2% surcharge.
Health fund rebates coming soon.